Our story

We are a team of architects and wood artisans, passionate about craftsmanship and repurposing of beautiful woods that once carried life. 
The wooden watches of Originate Mykonos are designed by me, Georgios Galounis. I was born and raised in the Greek island of Mykonos, where I continue to live all year round.

It was through my studies in Landscape Architecture that I first came into contact with three-dimensional design, the basis for the design of Originate wooden watches. My studies also provided me access to Νature and different types of wood. This knowledge was proven useful in various crafts, such as sculptures and lamps made of driftwood that I gathered from the beaches of Mykonos.

A winter walk at the beach in search of new driftwood gave me a very special idea: to shape this wood into a watch, a special accessory that I admired since my childhood. In fact, it always seemed to me that watches had life and character of their own.

After many months of experimenting, I tried various combinations of wood (such as driftwood, olive tree wood, purple heart, ebony and sugar maple), I worked on many methods of polishing, various metals, leather straps and colours, it eventually led to the creation of these timeless timepieces.

The wooden watches of Originate Mykonos are created with special care and high quality materials: exotic woods from South America and Africa, sapphire crystals and leathers from Italy and Swiss watch movement. However, the entire process of watchmaking takes place on the island of Mykonos by myself and the team of Originate.

We are all proud to present you these wooden timepieces and truly believe that you will love them as strongly as we do.

Georgios Galounis 

The Story behind Originate Wooden Watches

Our Vision

Our vision in Originate Mykonos is to travel the world and precisely select pieces of wood in order to revive them into exclusive handmade wooden timepieces destined to last for a lifetime.

By maintaining the authenticity of the wood, each sophisticated timepiece preserves its own character, history and legacy that evolve with time and care. From the first moment you wear your Originate wooden watch, it will become a part of you, dedicated to age with you.

 Our Vision for Handcrafted Wooden Watches by Originate Mykonos